Monday, 30 January 2012

In todays lesson Georgina and I came up with the concept for our main task and wrote out a 25 word pitch for it. We also began to develop a moodboard containing image, text and colour, which I then completed after school.

Our idea for the script is to begin the film with a teenage boy who has just been to the funeral of his girlfriend sitting under a tree in a deserted park. The title sequence will then be made up of a series of memories he has of their time together, all of which will be set in the same park and revolve around the area the tree is situated in. They will be spilt between two ages, one series of them while they were children; followed by a more recent series of them as teenagers. The sequence will then end with the boy returning to the reality that she is now dead.
Our inspiration for this storyline came from the Disney Pixar annimation film 'UP' which opens with the meeting of two children (Carl and Ellie) and then continues on to form a silent love story between the pair as they age together and eventually Ellie passes away. Since there is no dialogue, the makers rely heavily on sound and music to aid the audience in how they should feel and to create different atmospheres for every part of the sequence.

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