Preliminary Task

As soon as we began our coursework, we began by creating and filming a preliminary task. The title for this task was 'The Package' and we were asked to create a 1 minute maximum scene to accompany this, ensuring our product featuring an action match, shot reverse shot and following the 180 degree rule.

Story Board
We began by drafting up scripts and concept ideas, then after discussing shot types and angles we produced this hand drawn storyboard to map out all the shots, the composition and what would happen in them.

This was the original story board for our preliminary task. In the filming we followed it pretty much exactly aside from the last shot, for which we had to adapt the camera movement and positioning in order to fit the location we used to shoot.

Edited Footage
We used the editing software Final Cut Express to put together all of our footage and this was the final sequence we produced.

We then evaluated what we had produced and discussed how it could be improved when we produce our main task.

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