R&P: Task 3 - Audience Research

Media questionnaire
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We composed the survey above to aid us in establishing what our audience looked for in a film so that we could use it to influence what we produced for our main task. We asked the survey questions to a group reasonably diverse in age and gender to get a wider range of results. We then used the results to produce graphs and summarize our research conclusions.
Survey results graphs
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From these questionnaire results we established some of the main desires of our audience. Firstly we learnt that the most popular genres were Comedy, Rom-Com and Romance. Of the selection of films linking to our planned genre, on average people had seen 5 out of 6 of them. 70% of our audience preferred slow paced films with happy endings. When faced with the pitch for our film, on average our audience rated their likelihood to go and see it as 8/10. Finally, in regards to the music featured in a film, the most popular answers were acoustic guitar and closely followed by piano. Since analyzing this information we have become a lot more confident about our film pitch and the demand for the genre we are creating for. We also have used the information on preferred sound and are planning to look into using music created using piano and acoustic guitars in our sound research.

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