R&P: Task 6 - Photo Storyboard & Font Research

Using the scripts and shot lists, we went to our location and made this photo storyboard to give us a better visual idea of what our sequence would look like and so we could make any amendments to shots that may prove difficult to film.

ELS - Extra Long Shot
MS - Mid Shot
OS - Over Shoulder
ELCU - Eye Level Close Up
AM - Action Match
ECU/EC - Extreme Close Up
MeS - Medium Shot
MLS/ML - Medium Long Shot
LS - Long Shot

During filming both shoots we did, we ended up altering the story board slightly from this plan in order to improve the visual appearance and make it easier to film and edit together. For example the dancing was cut as it looked too posed and instead was replaced by him simply carrying her across the screen. We also changed the kite prop for a scarf as we couldn't guarantee appropriate weather for flying it and the 360 tree rotation was changed to a simple pan and zoom followed by pan and reverse zoom as it proved too difficult to ensure the camera remained still and the filming smooth throughout the shot.

When moving on to think about the titles we will be applying to our footage, we decided we didn't want to use a font too harsh and sharp. We began our decision as to which font we were going to use by creating a experiment document of all the fonts we like, using our chosen film title 'Don't Look Back In Sadness'.

Font experiments
View more documents from amyholmes3258.

After creating the titles using the program Livetype, we decided to use a different font for all of the credits and for the main film title. For the credits we used the font called AppleGothic. We chose this one because it was quite soft and rounded at the edges, but not too detailed that it would distract focus from the importance of the main title.

For the main title we then chose the font Zaphia. We chose this because it was very curly and delicate and reflected the emotional nature of the film concept. It is going to be of a larger size compared to the rest of the titles and will linger on the screen for longer to emphasize its importance.

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