Sunday, 15 April 2012

I just went back and completed part 3 of my evaluation. For it I researched media corporations that would be likely to distribute our film and what factors would make them successful.

I have now completed all the evaluation tasks and therefore completed my coursework project.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

I just completed part 5 of the evaluation tasks. For it I analysed the ways we addressed what the target audience demanded and made the characters/story line relatable to them.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I just completed the final part of my evaluation. For it I recorded all the different technologies we have used during the coursework process and briefly explained what use they had to us.

I now just need to go back and complete parts 3 and 5 of the evaluation and my coursework will be finished ahead of our deadline on Monday.
Tonight I did part 6 of my evaluation. To do this I looked back and reflected on the progression Georgina and I have made between the making of our preliminary task and the completion of our main task title sequence and recorded some of the skills that we have learnt.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Tonight I skipped ahead and finished part 4 of my evaluation. I produced a character profile of one of my friends who fit teenage female target audience perfectly and analysed her and why she would like our film.

I just completed task two of the main task evaluation in which I had to analyse how our title sequence represented particular social media groups. The main representation in our sequence is age and the representation of teenagers. I analysed how we represent teenagers against the typical social stereotype, then looked at how we showed the transition of the characters aging through costume. I also compared our sequence to the Notebook again as it too shows a transition of age through clothing throughout the film.

This morning I completed part 1 of my evaluation task. It took up 7 pages and covered the headings Title of The Film, Setting/location, Costume and Props, Camerawork and Editing, Title Font and Style, Story and How The Opening Sets It Up, Genre and How The Opening Suggests It, How characters are Introduced and Special FX.

The two films I chose to compare our title sequence to were Titanic and The Notebook; I chose them because they both fall into our Romantic Drama genre. When analyzing I saw they both had similarities and differences with our title sequence.