R&P: Task 5 - Script & Foley/Sound Research

Script for main task
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As we continued onto produce things such as photo storyboards and shot lists for our main task we decided to revise our script and produce an updated version which would fit better to the shot types we planned to use and to create a better visual image.
Updated script for main task
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During filming and editing this was altered again, but since we no longer needed a script to follow we chose not to waste time updating the changes we had made again.

Sound/Foley Research
Since our opening and sequence was set in a park, we decided the kind of foley sound we needed would be things such as wind, birds and maybe the noise of people/cars further in the distance. We recorded this piece of sound in an open area to see what it would sound like before we recorded the real ambient sound for our title sequence.

We wanted to use this kind of sound to subtly fade in at the end of our sequence as the music fades out and the boy returns back to reality. When we recorded it there ended up being a loud siren in the background. Whilst this was unplanned, we thought actually it fitted in quite well as it is relevant to the fact his girlfriend is dead and implies that maybe she was in some kind of accident/makes the audience wonder more about her death.

From the survey we had conducted, we concluded that the most popular instrument to use for the music in our title sequence was an acoustic guitar. Since neither of us had much of a talent for writing or producing music, we enlisted the help of our friend at school to write the song for us. Before they began writing the song, they sent us this clip of just one of them (Jake) playing his guitar.

Once we had see what they were capable of, we asked them to write and record us a song to play over our title sequence. This is the song they sent us.

Despite them having never seen our title sequence before, when we applied this to what we had produced so far the changes in volume and tempo seemed to fit perfectly. However once we had edited down and removed various shots to make it fit the 2 minute time limit, the music no longer flowed properly with what we had produced. To fix this issue I edited down the song to produce my own version below which fitted to the editing times of our footage.

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