R&P: Task 4 - 25 Word Pitch & Mood Board

When we began planning our main task, we had to think of the film beyond the opening and title sequence so that we could use what we produced properly to set the audience up for the rest of the film.
We chose to use the genre Romanic Drama for our. The concept we came up with followed a teenage boy named Sam who struggles to come to terms with the death of his childhood sweetheart girlfriend Emily, and his strive to move on and rebuild his life without her. We narrowed this down into the 25 word pitch below to summarise the concept of the film in its entirety, then produced a mood board mainly aimed covering the sequence we will be creating to show how his life transitions along a time line from bright, hopeful and romantic to empty and meaningless as his girlfriend passes away.

A love story that ended too soon. Childhood sweethearts are ripped apart; leaving Sam to face a numbing existence, struggling to leave the past behind.

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