Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Despite not having a lesson today, Georgina and I met with the intention to retrieve a shot we missed when uploading footage from the camera we used, so that we could edit together the final two shots of our title sequence. However the camera was unfortunately unavailable which has hindered our editing until possibly as late as Friday now when we next have a lesson. Since we were in the room, we took advantage of the access to the computer and continued finalizing plans for making our titles. We looked at the titles used on a poster for the film 'One Day' to get an idea of the kinds of information we should be inculding, then we began to re-list all of the credits we would feature on ours.

With this amended list, we then went back to look at our title sequence and re-listed the exact times and shots we would use for each title.
Georgina had to leave early, but I continued on with the work on the titles and drew up small sketches to note the composition of where each title would be positioned in the shot.

We also print screened each of the shots we would be adding titles to in order to be certain where they would go.

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