Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Today Georgina and I had a clear plan of what we wanted to achieve. We began immediately by taking the ambient sound we had recorded yesterday, playing through it and then adding it to the end of our title sequence where we the edited it so that it would fade in as the music fades out. When listening to the clip, we realized halfway through the quiet sounds of the wind and the birds are interrupted by a loud siren in the distance. Although this was not there by plan, it actually sounded quite good against the footage and seemed to enhance the emphasis that the girl (Emily) is now dead, perhaps in some kind of traumatic accident which the nature of would be revealed later on in the film (if it were to be actually made).

Once we were happy with how it sounded, we moved straight onto making and applying our titles. We used the program Livetype to create the lettering, then we applied each title to the footage. For some of the positions since we had deleted several shots when shortening our sequence had to be revised and put in new places.

Once these were applied to the correct places  on our title sequence, we then set about adding effects to them. We wanted the transitions to be soft and slow so we applied a cross-dissolve to the beginning and end of each title, and also made them all 00:03:19 in length so they would not linger on the screen longer than was necessary.

Once this was all completely finished, we got our teacher to watch it through and voice any opinions he had on faults we could change or improve. He pointed out to us that we had missed off some vital pieces of information, such as editors names (with would be Georgina and myself) and that also where our title appears at the end of the sequence, the dramatic effect and beautiful calligraphy on it is taken away from by the fact the same font is used throughout. Taking this into account, we went back to alter our titles again, amending what we had missed out and then selecting a new font for the rest of the text. The font we chose was AppleGothic. We chose this because it is not written in calligraphy so does not distract from the main title, however it is still reasonably soft and curvy, as apposed to having harsh sharp corners.

Tomorrow we shall get our teacher to watch over it again, and if he has no more criticisms, we shall then save it as a proper video file to upload and the continue on with our seven part evaluation. We also have a number of things we want to retrieve from our computer to add to our blogs which we plan to do aswell.

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