Friday, 2 March 2012

In todays lesson Georgina and I began editing together the footage we had filmed for our final task. We used the program Final Cut Pro to go through all of our video files and select the best clips of each shot we needed. As we did this, we dragged the best take for each one down onto the editing board to place them in the order they will play.

We continued with this till we had all the shots that make up our title sequence in cronological order in accords with our storyboard. Next lesson we plan to begin cutting the video files down so they are the right length that we want and once that is complete we will progress onto changing the speed of some shots and looking at transitions we could use between them.
We discussed the transitions we may use whilst we were going through the files today and decided that maybe using superimposition or fading type of cuts to sybolises the memories fading into one another and also the transition between his memories and reality.

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