Thursday, 22 March 2012

We weren't meant to have a lesson today, but Georgina and I went up to the media room anyway because we finally managed to get hold of the camera we had used for our filming to retrieve the clip we needed to complete our editing. However when we connected the camera to the computer, we found another student had wiped the memory the day before and therefore deleted the one decent take of the shot we needed. Since we are too near our deadline now to return to the location to film for a third time, we immediately set about trying to come up with solutions to get around this issue. The shot we needed was the one which focuses under the couple beneath the tree, then pans sideways and zooms into the tree where it can then match up to the shot that follows by zooming out again to reveal the boy sat alone in the present day. There were several solutions we considered. Firstly we thought about returning to the original versions of the shot that we had filmed in our first shoot, however the main reason for our second shoot had been to find a more effective way to film this particular shot as it had been too shaky, so we have pretty much ruled this out as an option. Another solution we came up with was to take the practice shot Georgina had filmed, where she only zooms in on the people, and to apply a cross dissolve so that the tree trunk in the next shot fades over the top. However the flaw in this would be that not only would it take away from our concept of time passing around the tree, but it would also make it much harder to carry out our plan to edit a title onto the tree trunk during the two shots. Our teacher was ill today so we have decided to wait and consult him about what he thinks we should do tomorrow.
To fill the rest of the time we had in the room we continued with the making of our titles. We got another student to show us how to use the program Live Type correctly, the began officially creating them. As we began to work on them, the transition we had already picked did not appear as we had hoped, so after deciding we didn't like any of the other transitions we decided to apply the cross dissolve we had been using on our editing to the fonts when we add them to the sequence instead. For the font colour we decided upon white in the hope it will stand out against the scene in the background, however we may have to go back and change this if it doesn't look right when applied to the sequence.

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