Friday, 23 March 2012

In today's lesson Georgina and I immediately set about  finding a solution to fix the dilemma we were having with the missing shot. After discussing with our teacher and playing around with the shots, the final solution we used was to take the practice shot Georgina had filmed which zooms in on the actors, and then to apply a fade overlapping it with the end shot which zoomed out from the tree still leaving enough time to still apply a title to the trunk before the shot starts to move.

After doing this, we also went back to one of our earlier shots and played with the clips to make the tree in the two shots match up more accurately. To do this we had to layer one clip above the other and then change the transparency of the one on top. Once we could see the outlines of the two trees, we moved the center point around until the trunk matched up better and would therefore reduce jumping in our transition between them.

Once this was done we had edited our entire sequence together. However the footage we had was still 30 seconds over the two minute time limit so we had to begin cutting down the shots further. We got our teacher to watch through the sequence and point out all the shots he didn't think were necessary and decided on a few that we were able to cut from it. We also shortened the length of the majority of the clips used in the opening scene of the film until we had cut the footage down to fit the two minute playing time.

Unfortunately in doing this it meant our music no longer fitted to the perfect timing along side the footage we originally had. To fix this and get back the changes in sound at specific times we wanted, we are going to have to spend next week editing the music we have recorded and moving sections of the song around until it fits again. We will start this immediately on Monday in the lesson and have also decided to record some ambient sound to add to the beginning and end of the footage to fill in where we don't plan to have music. We will also finish making our titles and apply them to the footage. Since some of the shots that included titles have been cut and all the timings have changed, we are also going to have to re-plan where our titles will be placed again.

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