Monday, 12 March 2012

Today Georgina and I returned to our location to re-film the opening to our film and the teenage years of the flash backs. This time we did things differently to improve a number of points of our filming. Firstly, we got the actor playing Sam to remove his suit tie and jacket in the memory scenes in order to make it easier to distinguish between the past and the present. We changed the acting in the scene which looked too posed so that it would look more natural and believable. We printed a new copy of the funeral program using the photograph we got from our last shoot to make the transition easier than editing it in.

Finally after experimenting with ways to make the end scene where the camera circles the tree less shaky, such as tying string round the tree and the camera to tether it; we eventually decided it was proving too difficult to keep the camera still enough and changed the scene so that instead the camera stays still, panning slightly sideways and zooming into the tree, then reversing the process as we return to the present. The weather was a lot sunnier today which will look good in the memory scene as they need too be happy and bright, however in the opening where the atmosphere needs to be dull and depressing we will have to edit the lighting slightly on the computer.

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