Monday, 26 March 2012

In today's lesson Georgina and I focused primarily on the sound for our main task. The main things we needed to get done were to edit the song so that the changes in sound match the footage now it has been cut down, and also to record some ambient sound which we plan to apply to the background of the entire sequence, making it more apparent towards the end when the music fades out.
While Georgina went off to find a camera for us to record some ambient sound on, I edited the entire music piece. To do this I removed sections from the song we had and re-lined up the clips so that the specific changes in rhythm/volume etc changed at the correct times alongside the filming. I then ensured that where the clips where lined up the sounds flowed into one another instead of suddenly jumping mid note. For one of the clips i struggled to get it to fit together perfectly, so I added a cross-dissolve onto it to blend the sound together more smoothly. Finally I used the pen tool to drag the volume at certain points up and down, creating slow fades in and out of the sound at the beginning and end of the sequence.

Once I had finished this Georgina and I headed out to record our ambient sound. We walked round various points in the school grounds looking for somewhere that had similar sounds to our filming location in the park. The spot we chose was near to the school entrance along side the edge of the field. We chose this spot because it was far enough away from the buildings that the noise from classrooms would not interrupt us, not too close to the road so there would not be too much sound from passing cars, and because on the field we could hear the wind and the sounds of birds (just like in the park) reasonably clearly. The sound clips we recorded were only around a minute long because there were cars and people approaching the exit at various intervals, however we will get around this by adding the sound to our sequence on a loop. Since it is only background noise it wont affect the way it sounds too much.

Tonight I began writing the first of my seven point evaluation. I used an A grade example template to look at how best to structure it, then began writing under the title 'In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products'. Following the example I was given, I split my answer into the categories of Title of the Film; Setting/Location; Costume and Props; Camerawork and Editing; Title Font and Style; Story and How the Opening Sets It Up; Genre and How The Opening Suggests It; How Characters Are Introduced and Special FX. It is now a main priority to get the sequence finished as quickly as possible so we can both write up our evaluations in more detail.

Our aim for tomorrows lesson will then be to properly apply the ambient sound to the footage, and then to make and apply all of our titles (some of which the positioning will need to be altered for now the footage has been re-edited).

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