Thursday, 15 March 2012

We weren't meant to have a lesson today but Georgina and I went up to the media room to continue working on the editing of our main task. By the end of the period we had edited almost the entire opening and title sequence together and have began further cutting down some of the shots to ensure it does not run over the 2 minute time limit. We have also combined in the editing we did with the rotation of the photograph in yesterdays lesson and removed any unnecessary sound from all the footage on the dashboard.

The boys we have enlisted to write and record the music are meeting tonight so we will hopefully have some kind of recording to apply over the top by tomorrow. Following our questionnaire research, they will be recording what they write on acoustic guitars.
On the way home today we then discussed the fonts we will use when we apply the opening credits and titles to our footage. We decided we wanted something not too harsh or sharp. When I got home I then created a document filled with experimental fonts that we may use.

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