Tuesday, 13 March 2012

In todays lesson Georgina and I uploaded the re-filmed footage we did yesterday for our main task. Once on Final Cut pro, we could already see our filming was significantly better in quality and our thinking process as we went through it was more focused and well planned out. We began editing the clips down and replacing the previous shots with them on our editing board. We continued to add the Cross Dissolve transition between the memory shots and managed to get our new footage to fit together well with the childhood memory scenes which we planned to keep.

Since we had filmed the opening last, the sun is setting which we had planned on dulling down, however when watching it back we decided the lighting actually looks quite good as the bright sunset clashes with the depressed atmosphere and feeling the boy is emitting as he looks down to the funeral program.

We have discussed with the boys who will be recording the score for our title sequence and they will be recording what they have written on Thursday. Our plan therefore is to complete the editing process over the next two days so that we are then able to apply the music and sound on Friday and hopefully upload our completed film opening and title sequence.
We also came up with the name of our film, which we are going to call 'Don't Look Back In Sadness'. This is a play on the Oasis song title 'Don't Look Back In Anger', however we changed the last word to fit our film pitch as it is about a boy looking back on his time with his girlfriend and learning how to stop living in the past and move on to a happier time.

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